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Sheikh Rasheed Was Unaware that Camera is on While he Was Speaking

Sheikh Rasheed Was Unaware that Camera is on While he Was Speaking...

2016-10-24 00:49 82,515 Dailymotion

This Footage Proofs That Army Did Well With Motorway Police


2016-09-14 00:41 64,500 Dailymotion

7 Babies Who Did Not See That Coming

You won't believe what happens next, and neither will these babies! These adorable tots are in for a few surprises that they did not see coming at all! Some are...

2016-09-28 01:15 25,351 Dailymotion

10 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained

10 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained...

2016-10-25 03:23 24,839 Dailymotion

The proof that we are soulmates

Share this video with your soulmate! Written by Drake Martinet Illustration and Animation by Emanuele Colombo http://www.emanuelecolom...

2012-06-05 01:52 899,581 Vimeo


Written and Directed by ... Martin Wichmann Andersen Cinematography by ... Mattias Troelstrup Filmed on 16mm, Copenhagen Denmark...

2010-09-15 03:08 3,096,542 Vimeo

Looks That Kill - HD

PRE-ORDER THE BOOK + DVD NOW! Follow Yuki 7 on any of these websites! fac...

2011-05-29 02:22 199,555 Vimeo

Bad Things That Could Happen

A film we made using giant props made out of cardboard about bad things that could happen. A film by This Is It and: Photography - Thomas Bolwell Sound Design...

2010-10-22 05:09 432,955 Vimeo

Jazz that nobody asked for

A short film by Benny Box. Sometimes a song can get stuck in your mind. Become a little piece of unwanted music, that keeps looping for the rest of your day. ...

2013-02-13 04:12 0 Vimeo